360 Virtual Retail Store – Seed Heritage Example

360 Virtual Retail Store – Seed Heritage Example

Late last year we produced a 360 virtual tour for Seed Heritage’s flagship store at Chadstone. It made for a great customer experience and ultimately assisted in improving e – commerce sales.  It generated over 20,000 unique visits.  Customers are able to virtually walk through the entire store and see the full range of products in remarkable detail.  Our client selected over 150 products they wished to promote and we produced ‘pop up’ info tags which enable the customer to see the product in greater detail and a ‘one click’ to the e-commerce site.  Aside from nurturing virtual shoppers it provided a robust response to COVID restrictions.  View the tour below and let’s take a look at what is required to produce one.

Seed Heritage, Chadstone Store

Matterport 3D Showcase

The beauty of producing a 360 virtual tour for a physical retailer is that actually, most of the hard work has already been done, because these stores are already presented in immaculate condition and detail!
Here are five key things to consider when preparing your virtual store production:
Prepare and present your store as you would like your customers to view it.
It sounds straightforward enough, however, with a 360 virtual tour, one needs to be a little bit more pedantic as your viewer will have the capability to view and review all that is on show. The seed Heritage visual merchandise team spent much time making sure the store was immaculate, to the extent of checking each coat hanger was hung correctly! Your virtual store is only as good as you present it!
Select your products.
Your 360 virtual tour will have a shelf life. Therefore, make sure that the products on display are the right ones for your season and consider the longevity of your 360 virtual tour campaign.
Whilst we can undertake a rescan of your store at any time, for reasons of continuity, it is recommended that the entire store is re-scanned / modelled.
Light your store.
As with any  video and photography product, light is of great importance and the brighter your store is, the better the 360 virtual tour outcome. Make sure that all light bulbs are working and if your retail store is in a shopping centre make sure you understand when the lights are turned on and off e.g. the lighting at the front of the store may be on a timer, controlled by the centre management. Make sure your production team is aware of any limitations.
Info tag pop ups.
A key aspect of the 360 virtual tour are the infotech pop-ups that can be placed in any position. They can contain images and video, together with a description of products and links to relevant e-commerce and product information pages. They can also be added to the edit at any time and can be turned on or off as desired.
Multi media
Enrich your customer’s experience by providing them with more information in various forms. e.g explainer videos can be embedded in info tags and presented in the pop ups overlaid over products in your virtual store.  Here is a seasonal promotional video we produced as part of the Seed Heritage virtual tour experience.

Seed Embroidery Service

Customise your Seed purchases with our Chadstone exclusive in-store embroidery and customisation service – a thoughtful gift for someone special, or a treat …


Prices start from $2,000 for a small store with up to 25 info tags.  Please contact us for further information.

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