Illumination Solar

Illumination Solar

Spotlight Production worked in collaboration with Marketing Entourage to produce a video telling the story of Illumination, specifically their mission to make products that have the greatest positive impact on energy poverty.

  • Category: Sales.
  • Client: Illumination Solar

Illumination is a social enterprise born from one man’s dream to greatly reduce energy poverty.

Energy poverty is the lack of access to energy services such as electricity. Today 1.2 billion people suffer from energy poverty, which negatively affects their well-being, for example, by jeopardizing their safety after dark and by depriving them of the light necessary to study and be educated. To function after dark, people living in energy poverty burn kerosene to light their homes, which causes problems for the environment, as well as for their personal health, finances, education and safety.
The mission at Illumination evolved from one man’s vision into a dedicated and passionate team that develops a range of high-quality, environmentally friendly solar products.


Spotlight Productions was hired to produce a video to tell the story of the company Illumination and their mission.

Spotlight Productions used animation and motion graphics to visually represent data and to create informative engaging content. The video adhered to the Illumination brand guidelines and included footage of the product being used by those affected by poor health and by economic and educational poverty.