Bowen Storage

Bowen Storage

Bowen Storage hired Spotlight Productions to produce an About Us/sales video for marketing purposes.

  • Category: Sales.
  • Client: Bowen Storage

Bowen Storage offers a pioneering range of shelving solutions, from retail shelving to longspan shelving. Bowen hired Spotlight Productions to produce an engaging sales video to use in their marketing.

Spotlight Productions portrayed the company as the retail storage specialists through the use of motion graphics, engaging music and footage of the storage space and employees. Spotlight Productions used time-lapse footage, interviews with the storage facility manager, voice over and a call to action at the end of the video, which encourages viewers to call to book a free consultation.
Bowen Storage has had an increase in sales since Spotlight Productions came on board to create and produce the video.


The brief was to help increase sales by producing a video that showcased Bowen Storage’s innovative range of shelving solutions.