Timberlink Site Induction Video

Timberlink Site Induction Video

Spotlight Productions produced an induction training video for one of Timberlink’s sites to teach employees about on-site safety.

  • Category: Training.
  • Client: Timberlink

Timberlink owns three regional sawmills—in Tarpeena, Bell Bay and Blenheim—and is supported by a national distribution network. Spotlight Productions filmed an induction video to highlight the safety requirements on site and around the facility. Inductions can be a blur, so video was a memorable way to demonstrate the risks on site and to clearly identify rules and procedures. The video also ensures accuracy and consistency. Although its primary use was part of the induction process, the video’s versatility means that it can also be used on multiple sites and incorporated into an online training platform.


To ensure employee and visitor safety, Timberlink asked Spotlight Productions to produce an OH&S site induction video.