The Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute

Spotlight Productions was hired by The Bionics Institute to produce a corporate ‘About Us’ video intended to raise both awareness of, as well as funds for, the not for profit organisation.

  • Category: Corporate.
  • Client: The Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute is a biomedical research institute focusing on medical bionics. The Institute’s three core research areas are bionic hearing through cochlear implants, bionic vision through stimulation of the optic nerve and neurobionics through deep brain stimulation. The Bionics Institute is located in Melbourne, Australia.

The video included footage of interviews with senior directors of the company, technologists, laboratory technicians, neurologists, recipients and prototypes for the bionic eye. Spotlight Productions specialises in interviewing and extracting the right messages from those onscreen by making the interviewees feel comfortable. The video was filmed in situ in the Bionics Institute offices and laboratories. Spotlight Productions filmed live demonstrations on how some of the devices work.

It has been repurposed, used in digital brochures and as a key fundraising tool. The video was well received by the Bionics Institute, and it enabled them to spread their message in a cost-effective way.


The brief was to produce a video to help raise funds for The Bionics Institute. The video would inspire philanthropy while providing insight into the organisation’s work. A second purpose of the video was to spread awareness of the Institute.