Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta

Spotlight Productions worked with Green Hat marketing agency on their client Konica Minolta on a marketing nurturing campaign about their new 3D printing services.

  • Category: Sales.
  • Client: Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta offers print solutions including office printers, scanners, photocopiers, commercial printers, professional managed services and solutions.

The key message was to show how 3D printing and how 3D printing is changing the manufacturing industry, and how Konica Minolta can help benefit organisations with their services. Spotlight Productions interviewed the relevant experts on 3D printing, including marketing managers and a technologist.

Spotlight also filmed the demonstration of the product being used and filmed B-roll in the show room.

Spotlight Productions works with Green Hat agency for various projects and are consistently pleased with the end videos produced.


Spotlight Productions was hired to produce a video for Konica Minolta on their new 3D printing services.