How to create a great instructional video

How to create a great instructional video

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Instructional videos can help you outline complicated processes, procedures or lessons in a fun and engaging way to customers or staff. However, there isn’t one strategy for producing an instructional video that will work for everyone, as each business’ needs and messages are unique. In this article, we discuss how to best approach making an effective instructional video.

USG Boral

Spotlight Productions has worked with USG Boral on various other projects. This particular project involved producing high quality video for a DIY instructional video series.

The basics of instructional videos

Often, an instructional video will feature a person who presents directly to the camera, however they can also be produced using animation and graphics with a voiceover. Here are a few examples of the types of instructional videos you can produce:

Staff training videos

Rather than holding expensive and time-consuming training workshops, you can send your staff an instructional video outlining systems and processes they will need to know. You only need to make the video once, and can reuse it again and again.

How to use your product or service

Many businesses create short instructional videos outlining how to use their product or service. This is an excellent way to make your value proposition immediately clear on your website homepage.

DIY videos

The do-it-yourself concept has never been easier to share than in today’s digital world. You can find an instructional video for almost anything on YouTube: how to fix an iPhone screen, how to build a bird house, how to do your taxes. DIY videos provide genuine value to your customers and are great for growing your brand’s online presence.

How to use your product or service

Teaching lesson

Instructional videos can be used to create short “lessons” to teach your customers concepts or information relating to your service or product. For example, a law firm may have a short video presented by a lawyer on how to file for a trade mark.

Tips for making your instructional video

  1. Plan your video content first. This means working out what your objective is, what you want people to learn and planning when and where you will film.
  2. Determine if you are using talent in front of a camera or animation and graphics. Either way, you will need to ensure you select a speaker who has a confident, clear and understandable voice
  3. Ensure you have good quality filming and audio equipment. A professional video production company – like Spotlight Productions – will have all of these things handy and will put your video together too.
  4. Consider your audience’s needs in post-production. If you are uploading your instructional video to a webpage or social media, make sure that it is an appropriate file size and won’t take too long to load. Consider adding captions to your video, as this will allow hearing-impaired viewers to engage with your content too.
  5. Even though your instructional video may be designed for internal purposes, never miss an opportunity to apply your branding to it! Put your logo and brand name at the start or end of the video, and have the presenter talk in your brand’s tone of voice. This provides a level of professionalism and consistency.

Instructional videos can add plenty of value to your business and your customers. Want to know more about how to create a great instructional video? Get in touch with the team at Spotlight Productions.