Video Content Ideas for Virtual Video Production

Video Content Ideas for Virtual Video Production

Video conferencing software has never been more prevalent in people’s lives. Nowadays people have to engage with the camera on their desktop to engage in virtual conversations.  Now is the time to take advantage of this and produce some great video content! People are more accepting of being in front of camera and talking to camera.  In this video, I’m going to cover a few ideas that will help you get started with your virtual video production.

The importance of a Video Content Plan

The first thing to do is to brainstorm and produce a video content plan, a roadmap of what video content you want to produce – think big picture – perhaps over the life cycle of your customer’s journey. What types of video will engage and nurture them along the way? With this plan, you can organize your virtual video production shoots, so that you capture the content you require. This post provides ideas on the type of videos you could produce, so let’s dive straight into it.

The Webinar

This is actually perhaps the most important one, as prepare it well and you will be able to make a number of videos from the one webinar. Generally webinars run for a long duration of time. So consider breaking that webinar up into different topics, shorter pieces, perhaps two or three minutes in duration, that are going to be easily digested by your audience. Organize the questions and the breaks that are necessary during the webinar e.g. you might have a number of introductions and conclusions along the way.

The Trailer

Produce a short Trailer promoting that webinar. You can achieve this by specifically asking the question of the people featured in the webinar to summarise what they will be talking about, at the beginning or the end.  You can edit ‘sound bites’ into a highlight reel and add an engaging sound track and motion graphics.  If you want to produce one in advance of the webinar, consider asking the featured presenters to pre-record a quick summary of what they will be talking about and sending it to you for editing. Promote your webinar by posting this trailer through your social media channels. Make your trailer a ‘one click’ to the main longer version, which is perhaps hosted on your website.

The Advert

Rather like the trailer but shorter. The duration will depend upon your chosen social platform and their advertising requirements.  If 15 seconds or less, consider using motion graphics to convey your topic or quotes.

Thought Leadership Videos

Invite experts to discuss with you, a topic which your audience will find interesting, but you are not necessarily the expert in ! You will still get screen presence and be the host. As an example, we are professional video production experts, but our audience benefits from content related to the wider marketing and communications field. So recently, we partnered with an expert in digital marketing and produced an ‘on the couch’ style video series. It’s something that our clients would love to hear about. Check it out here.

The Testimonial Video

Contact your client and ask them if they would be willing to undertake a virtual video where you can ask them questions about their customer journey and experience with your product or service.  But before you ask, prepare for objections.  I have created a video talking through 10 common objections and ways to address these and get the all important ‘Yes”! Watch it here.  If your client is appearing in your webinar, you may consider capturing this information along the way. As an example, a client of ours recently came to us with a one and a half hour long webinar that they’d recorded with two of their clients. It was a deep dive into their software product – talking through the customers journey and ultimately the results. We had the audio transcribed and identified so much gold, so many good testimonials! We produced a motion graphics piece where we put their testimonial quotes on screen (text) and incorporated the audio. The audio wasn’t the best quality, but the story was there – it was so compelling! Finally, we added music, photographs and screenshots. It worked very well.

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