The benefits of using animation in your corporate video

The benefits of using animation in your corporate video

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An animated representation of your content can be a great way to explain and contextualise messages. Plus, it’s more engaging and fun to watch. In this article, we explore the benefits of using corporate video animation to complement your business.

Reinforce your brand

By having the power to design your animation, you’re able to control exactly how your business is portrayed. Animations in videos can also directly showcase your brand imagery. From using your business colours to breathing life into a mascot or character, using animations can add an element of consistency to your communication efforts.

Save money

If your business is constantly evolving, you can expect to save money on your marketing budget through animations. That’s because it’s significantly easier to tweak an animated video rather than reshoot a live video with the costs of talent, lighting and venue hire (to name a few expenses).

Simplify your messages

It can often be difficult to convey the benefits of your product or service in a way that’s engaging and concise. Animations can help to break down information and explain complicated ideas in just a few seconds. That’s why incorporating animation into your videos is particularly effective for businesses within technical industries.

Boost your SEO

Animations are able to illustrate complex messages effortlessly, while keeping your audience engaged. That’s why Google sees this content as relevant to your audience, and is more likely to rank your pages higher on a search results page. To boost your SEO further, caption your videos to make them more accessible and make use of the chance to plug in a few extra keywords.

Get creative

Many ideas aren’t easy to communicate or represent. Animations allow you to get creative with your ideas and give you a platform to bring them to life. They allow you to:

• Depict a hypothetical situation that’s impossible to capture on camera
• Soften information that requires a level of sensitivity
• Visually capture abstract ideas.

Future Force worked with Marketing Entourage Agency to produce an about us animation video to highlight career opportunities to recent high school leavers. Future Force is a fully Australian-owned training organisation, with a primary focus on the International Freight and Logistics Industry. The animation includes different characters portraying the trainers and trainees explaining their involvement in the program.

Future Force has used the corporate video animation on their website and social media, and repurposed for various other marketing collateral.

Looking for corporate video animation in Melbourne? Give the team at Spotlight Productions a call. We’d love to bring your ideas to life and help you leave a lasting impression on your customers through animation.